Transform Warehouse Operations Through Vision Picking

September 21, 2016

In a traditional warehouse set up, an employee needs to spend many hours picking and packing several items. It is not only a dull work, but it also affects your overall performance. But this is not the case anymore! GetVu offers unique and innovative vision picking product to simplify warehouse operations!

GetVu is a software solution company that aims to help warehouse operations achieve its goal in an instant way. This is done through the excellent use of rapidly increasing technologies of wearable devices and augmented reality. This type of software product detects the exact location and provides ways how to pick the packages. The augmented reality is accountable for spotting where to put these packages in the particular racks.

Rather than using voice controls to interact with a virtual object indirectly, PikVu will help employees reach out and transfer objects using their own hands. They are given unique opportunity to change the colors of a proposed structure projects on the skyline of a city, discover architectural ruins, and so much more.

Upon using augmented reality, you can take beyond limits of your tablet or smartphone, look around, see what the world could be and change it according to the wave of your hand. This is a huge advantage since warehouse employees can be able to have game-like experience they will never get with a machinelike or other pioneering tools.

GetVu enables supply chains to overcome any strategic challenges they are facing through automating manual pick and pack operations. This newest innovation can help businesses to:
• Minimize error and accommodation of complicated workflow variations
• Hands free solution offered for barcode scanning
• Improve management abilities to boost workflow management
• Make labor processes more simple to meet speed requirements

Robot vs. PikVu

In robotic manufacturing, bin picking is one of the major challenges businesses faced. Yes, robotic can help your company save money since you can decide to reduce the number of workers you have and release them from repetitious, monotonous job. What if your mechanical device is starting to break down? The amount of money you will spend can be doubled.

ikVu can be your excellent alternative to help you meet, or even exceed your warehouse operations. The main priority of most warehouse operations – pick and fill processes – are becoming more flexible and automated. Staff is guided throughout the warehouse with graphics shown on the smart glass to reduce errors and speed up the process of picking.

Vision picking allows hands-free directive picking and impressively boosts overall productivity. This technology essentially supports the staff and offers exciting value to customers. GetVu is always in search of the unique ways to further improve their processes using new technologies, that’s why the company along with its team boasts its newest collection for any supply chain.

Today, increasingly more people are starting to use smart glasses in their warehouse operations due to its various benefits. Staffs are assured to complete the process quickly while maintaining an impressive work output every single day.