Unleash Your Productivity to a Maximum in your Warehouse

September 21, 2016

A vision based, intuitive system makes the manual picking error-free and fast. The flexibility, mobility as well as operation primarily provide extensive benefits compared to the voice-directed or pick-to-light applications. Vision picking mainly functions with the augmented reality technology. Upon utilizing 2D barcodes in order to interact with storage environment, this kind of technology shows the information right at the exact time and location. With our vision picking solution, you will no longer need additional input devices. Comprised of head mounted display, control software, integrated camera, and wearable PC, connection to your existing warehouse management system is easily achieved.

The major bottleneck right in the warehouse is in the three parts of the process of picking:

1. Navigating to the particular rack. This simply means that the worker will take the shortest path from the location, easy UI, and real time tracking of the workers.
2. Fast finding of the packages, where the marker identification and easy UI that highlight the package in 2D and display it.
3. Easy and fast scanning. We utilize ring scanner, which in the first place is hands-free, which in turn will reduce the error rate.

Our vision picking solution allows the staffs to be guided all throughout the warehouse without having too much difficulty. The route optimization on the other hand allows the distances travelled to become even more optimized. The visually displayed order information as well as identification of the source and target locations primarily ensures one hundred percent error-free picking.

With this, rest assured that all the target totes and picked items will be easily checked visually, which in turn will improve the inventory management, thus providing continuous quality control and most of all reducing the need to have order audits. Lot numbers or even serial numbers can be recorded without the need for the employee to perform additional steps.

Why you should Employ our vision picking solution in your warehouse?

• Applicable in any kind of warehouse without structural changes or some other modifications.
• There is only minimal training time required on the part of the operators.
• Full automatic tracking of serial and lot numbers.
• Optical picking instructions ultimately replace voice-based and visual directions.
• Language independent navigation right within the warehouse.
• One hundred percent error-free picking enhances the overall quality control.
• The user position can be easily detected all throughout the warehouse.

Are you in need of the best solution for your warehouse? Do you want to increase productivity? Well, worry no more because our vision picking solution will give you more than what you need. Our automated picking and packing systems will provide you functional and flexible improvements from traditional manual operations of picking and packing. Our vision packing solutions can use numbers of methodologies, which in turn will improve your productivity.

Our vision picking solution is geared towards your needs. With us, rest assured that the picking and packing process will no longer give you any hassle and stress, which in turn will allow you to focus on some other things for the betterment of your own business.