Make Tracking Process easy with GetVu

September 21, 2016

Logistics encompasses of managing the movements of all resources. This does comprises of products, storage and movement of tools, materials, services, equipment, information, and people. It also includes packaging, materials handling, condition management, transportation, and warehousing. It also has reverse and forward flow, warehousing, and managing inventory. When it comes to logistics tracking, it refers to the systems and approaches that are employed for tracking resources all throughout their storage, movement as well as storage.

Both experts and neophytes in this kind of industry find the tracking process difficult that is why there are many software and relevant service providers who come in. When you are a beginner and you are a little bit bothered on how to do tracking in your logistics business, you do not need to feel that way as there are many reputed and trustworthy companies whom you can rely on a lot and one of those is GetVu. We provide PikVu in which we automate picking and packing process in a particular warehouse and our product is software that is being integrated in smart glasses. In addition to that, it has a wide variety of uses that you need to take advantage of.

Once you choose us as your leading option to help you when it comes to tracking the process, you will be happy with our services because we have real-time tracking that can boost the level of performance or productivity in your warehouse. But how can we do it? Nowadays, all products in a particular warehouse are picked and loaded through the use of a barcode scanner and your picker will be responsible on searching a package. Without using PikVu, tracking will be hard to do and your picker’s performance will be low. When you use our product, doing the process will be easy and fast, which in turn can allow you to achieve real-time tracking and increase productivity in warehouse.

PikVu also generates performance tracking graphs that can help track every footstep. You will easily be familiar with all your employees in your warehouse. More particularly, you can determine your people who have amazing performance and those individuals who do not have. Aside from that, we offer analytics that can help you become aware with the performance of all your pickers in a day to day basis. If you do not fully know how your staffs work in a warehouse, you can count on the service provider. You will surely see a big difference once you try.

When you find tracking very difficult, you are very fortunate as there is PikVu that you can make as a stepping stone towards achieving real time and easy tracking. It will not only be advantageous and useful to your pickers but also to you as employer. Once you use PikVu, it can help increase the performance in warehouse that can lead to a fast delivery which all your clients will love. By using our product, you can offer fast e-commerce delivery that your customers will enjoy.