Gamify Experience

September 21, 2016

Do you want your workers to have gaming experience while working at their full potential? If so, our vision picking solution is what you need the most.

Our vision picking solution has what it takes to provide your workers with great gaming experience they never have had before. This is made even better as we will take good care of your workers while ensuring to get the target done with motivation.

Our UI primarily shows the top three pickers who are working fast, which in turn makes it like a game while others will want to go right at the top too. So, chances are they will work faster. The picker will have a particular objective mainly because our points as well as game experience will motivate them to do even better. The real time performance of all your workers will be shown right in our dashboard. The labor assessment on the other hand will keep track of the performance of the workers all throughout.

What will be your result?

We care about helping you to be at the forefront of the advanced technology while gaining competitive advantage as the major result. This is why we have become pioneers in launching the concept of our vision picking solution, which in the first place consists of the use of advantages that mainly involved technology application, AR (Augmented Reality), as well as IOT (Internet of Things) devices in the process.

Vision Picking Solutions for Workers with a Gamifying Experience

The main goal of our vision picking solution is to harness full power of smart glasses right in the warehouse’s management process. We utilize high quality smart glasses and we get improved efficiency right in the process such as picking and packing process and inventory. This will leave you and your workers’ tasks hands-free.Our solution is very simple. It identifies the operator and at the same time informs them audio visually regarding the orders that need to be managed. Warehouse workers will simply follow what is indicated in the smart glass and must go in order to complete all the tasks right in the store such as the kind of trolley to be taken, items to select, where they are located, the units needed, the destination, and a lot more.

Utilizing the contextual information by AR mainly reduces the human error while increasing the efficiency. This is made even better as it will give the workers best gaming experience, which in turn will inspire them to work even better. Our vision solution system is definitely the best tool you can use in order to improve the process in your warehouse. With our smart glasses, at any time your workers need information about the package; they can ask the system information.

Working with augmented reality systems can definitely improve picking and packing process even further. So, if you want to enhance your workers’ performance, our vision picking solution is the best tool can ever consider. Rest assured that your business will always stay ahead of the competition.