Smart glasses in Warehouse

September 21, 2016

Are you a part of logistics industry and you do the traditional way of tracking? Have you seen a lot of burden in your warehouse but you do not know how to address it? If that is your situation, GetVu’s solution can truly help. You can make some innovations in your company that all your workers will appreciate. They will feel more reinforced to work because they can experience something full of fun.

How a smart glass is being used?

If you really want to bring up performance and success of your company as part of logistics industry, you cannot afford to miss PikVu as it is very useful especially in the tracking processes. When your picker does the traditional way of tracking, you as a warehouse manager should make some innovations or changes so that you can increase performance in warehouse. If you already realize the benefits of a smart glass with PikVu, all of your pickers can use it easily and fast by just wearing the product. It has a 3D arrow that can guide every user to the rack and package location via employing the shortest path as possible.

PikVu will allow your picker or warehouse employee to do the process completely and successfully. He will encounter a pick list that can make a target or package achievable in a fast manner as possible. In other words, you can attain a fast tracking process that can result to big success in return. More particularly, you will be able to increase productivity in warehouse that will make you more effective and efficient warehouse manager in the end.

Augmented reality in warehouses

When you take advantage of using a smart glass for your logistics company, your picker will be amazed because he can have a game like experience while working. They will see visual clues that will help them track a particular package that is conducive to a fast delivery. As a result, all your customers will be happy on how you serve them because guaranteed satisfaction is totally available. Working in a warehouse in a logistics industry is hard but when your pickers use a smart glass, it will lessen their burden. As a matter of fact, they can have a fulfilling and enjoying experience rather stressful and weary working days. When this happens, it can increase performance in warehouse that your entire team will love and enjoy.

No bar code scanner required

When your whole team uses a bar code scanner to do the tracking process, there is a tool that is more effective and efficient and that is a smart glass. Once your workers wear smart glasses, they will encounter a very convenient and comfortable experience at all times. Indeed, GetVu’s product will give you an enormous advantage to increase productivity in warehouse, give a happy working experience with all your people, and provide a fast package deliver to all your prospective customers. Furthermore, PikVu is the product that you cannot afford to miss as it will help bring up your logistics business.