Real-time instructions can provide spontaneous support capabilities not found in current systems. With vast, specialized skills and knowledge, your team can cover every case and guide on-site technicians with difficult repairs easily using our telepresence technology. Your engineer can repair the machinery even without going to the industry. Technician will be able to contact the engineer remotely and with live feed and instructions, the issue is fixed in a much quicker and efficient way.

Real-time draw tool

Fixing the right part of the machine needs clear visual content for easy and fast service. Collaboration is facilitated by drawing on, or annotating, preexisting images and real-time file sharing using tablets or desktops which can be viewed by the technician. If the machinery requires a particular part which needs to be explained clearly then the engineer can use our draw tool to click a picture and draw on it to show what has to be done in a better way and it is viewed in real time to the technician. Difficult repairs can be easily fixed using text and image annotations.

Video and files two-way sharing

Users at both ends can create and share files and videos enabling faster service. Sharing documents in real time give faster access to information helping the technician to work faster and increasing productivity at a larger scale. After the technician connects to the engineer, the engineer can send videos, PDF, other documents to explain and collaborating with the field technician to fix the machinery. This feature decreases repair time and increases the efficiency of the work done.

Create and send instructions

The engineer can create a set of instructions and send it to the technician. These instructions facilitate step-by-step troubleshooting so every detail of the work done is completed in a perfect manner without any problems. Sending instructions through text combined with voice commands help the technician to understand clearly how to fix the machine in a short duration of time.